Whether you have been married for 1 year or 50, founder, author, speaker, coach, wife, mother and entrepreneur Jacqueline Andrade will help to rejuvenate any relationship! She is a sought after and powerful motivational speaker, teacher relationship and sex guru!

She has empowered and coached countless married women on the art and the importance of having amazing sex at any age! Her honest and open approach will invite and engage you into the world of meaningful relationship! Jacqueline speaks, coaches, facilitates masterclasses, webinars, conferences and hosts retreats.

Jacqueline enjoys and is gifted with working with young women, and specializes in equipping young girls on the importance’s of knowing and embracing their “beauty within” Jacqueline is in the business of building and making lasting relationships one couple at a time. Furthermore, she teaches couples how to build strong, lasting relationships by understanding the power of their words.

Jacqueline has always enjoyed helping and motivating people this was evident when she become a job readiness instructor for the community college. She encouraged and taught women in the welfare to work program how to become self sufficient and how to use their set back as a set up.

Jacqueline went on to earn a Masters degree in counseling and has counseled with countless families, groups and individuals on how to build a better you.

Jacqueline has spent over 10 years in the direct sells marketing and learned what it means to work hard. Her personal mantra is, “LIVE to INSPIRE!” She believes if at the end of each day “If I impacted or helped change someone’s life for the good it was a successful day.”

After 7 years of marriage and two kids Jacqueline found herself losing her desire to have sex with her husband, life was happening all around her, kid’s full time work, church and having to care for an ailing parent pulled her in many directions and the direction of sex was not one of them.

She will teach you the steps she used to save her marriage and regain her Happy Sex Now!