Get Your HAPPY SEX NOW™ with Coach Jacqueline!

Coach Jacqueline offers individual and group coaching programs to create a lasting relationship, fulfill your deepest desires and to foster Happy Sex Now!

The goal of coaching to help you move from where you are, to where you desire to be in your sex life. What this means is, you have the goal and Coach Jacqueline helps you to obtain it. Each program has been developed to assist you with gaining clarity, confidence and the desire to commit to enjoying your partner, your relationship and your sex life!

My HAPPY SEX NOW™ Coaching Program is ideal for you if you…

  • Are you misunderstood in your relationship, constantly feeling like your voice is not being heard
  • Refuse to talk about the issues in your relationship with your partner
  • Relationship is on “shaky ground” and you feel like you are the only one working to fix it
  • Are you fresh out of ideas, tricks, and feeling frustrated, are ready to give up

WAIT…Help is on the way!

Let Happy Sex Now one on one master coaching help you improve your…

  • Communication skills
  • Love language
  • Intimacy
  • Time management
  • Confidence

Uncover the missing link to your happily ever after. Learn how to get and stay connected once and for all. Once you learn these simple invaluable tools to building lasting relationships you will NEVER be the SAME!

Your answer is closer than you think, sign up today and fix what is broken, so you can Enjoy Happy Sex Now!

Couples Mastering Coaching

6 Week Program

Is your relationship in need of an overhaul? If you are like most couples the answer is YES! Every relationship comes to a stalemate, a breaking point a crisis moment when you need to make some hard but necessary decisions about your future together. Before you make any life changes decisions let me explore with you how you can rebuild, reconnect and regroup by using the proper tools. We all carry “life tools” in our toolbox, however most of us have never been taught how to properly use our tools to build strong, healthy, stable relationship foundations. Rather we have used these tools to hammer away at the very foundation we are standing on.

In 6 weeks of couples centered video and one on one coaching you will:

  • Learn to fight for your relationship together and not against each other
  • Learn to rebuild your communication
  • Learn to regroup and make realistic long and short term relationship goals
  • Learn love well
  • Learn overcoming anything with one simple word
  • Learn to take ownership of your “junk”

Learning the 4 Ps to Happy Sex Now

4 Weeks
This one on one master coaching class is unlike anything you will ever experience! If you are ready to learn some unconventional ways to bring the spice, the sexy and the fun back into your sex relationship this course is for YOU! Let me teach the 4 Ps to having happy sex every time at any age.

In our 4 weeks together we will explore and identify tools you have used in the pass that could be destroying your present.

  • You will improve communication
  • Reconnect to your partner in a new and amazing way
  • Learn how to release your partner from being your personal super hero
  • Teach you the dangers of carrying “sex baggage” and how to unpack for good
  • Learn the secret to having happy sex every time
  • Learn how your self esteem can and does impact your sex life and performance
    and so much more…

How to Have the BEST BED ROOM Date Ever!

PDF Download
You haven’t been on a date with your partner in months and you need to recharge, reconnect and simply need some adult time with your partner. BUT you don’t have the money or the resources to pay a babysitter and to be honest you don’t want to leave the house. Well, my friend you are in LUCK!

Welcome to the step by step guide on how to have the best ever BED ROOM Date! In a few simple steps learn how to turn your bedroom into a quick destination getaway. The sky is the limit to where you can go and what you can do. Purchase your step by step guide today!! Warning it will lead to Happy Sex!