Welcome to Happy Sex now, I am so excited that you stopped by! I am Jacqueline Andrade, the marriage, sex and relationship guru! I have a Masters degree in counseling and have been working with couples, individuals, families, and groups for over 20 years!. However, my goal, my passion, my calling and what I do better than anyone else is I help women learn how to have happy sex.

I am sure you are wondering how can she do that? Well here’s how, I spent about 4 years out of my 20 year marriage not even liking my husband, yup we were married but definitely NOT happy. We spent many nights avoiding having sex because we didn’t like each. We argued often and fought dirty (used mean words that had lasting impact). We played nice in front of people but when we got home he went his way and I went mine.

Life was miserable, lonely sad and frustrating. I can honestly say I hated to see my husband come home and he hated to come home. We had no idea how to take care of each other, how to love each other well or how to fight fair. By year 5 in our marriage and 2 kids later, I began to realize I want my marriage to work. BUT how what was I going to do to change.

I prayed and the Lord showed me my role in making my relationship fail. I was speechless at the ways I was destroying my household with my own hands. I began my journey and I would love to share with you what I did to save my marriage. Not only did we save our marriage we now have amazing, meaningful, passionate sex every time!

One thing is sure, if YOU don’t do something to change your direction you will continue to destroy your marriage, your partner, your children, your household and YOUR Life. I had no one to help me, BUT you don’t have to go through this lonely journey alone, I am here to help you, so let me help you today. Isn’t it time to enjoy Happy Sex NOW?

Because, we believe SEX should be Happy!