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Name of Application: Happy Sex with Maryline

Date of release: May 4th, 2010

App Category: Lifestyle (and Health and Fitness)

Want more excitement in your life?
More pleasure, more sensations, more grrrr?
Better communication?
What about pure fun and laughter?
A sense of adventure?
Deeper emotional fulfillement?

Want that glowing grin on your face?
Want to share it with the one you love?
Do you want that intimate bonding experience?

...and that's our invitation to you !

Spread your toes, relax...
This is really a UNIQUE app.

Credentials : Happy Sex was created by La Roche Communication.

Voice: Maryline,

Design and Text: Claude La Roche
Claude is a teacher with more than 20 years of experience.
He is also a coach and a certified NLP Trainer.

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Customer reviews

OMG it's about time! - starstarstarstarstar

by Apple_of_my_Eye

I can't believe someone finally made a sex app that's actually good.
Now I feel like I have my own 30 day retreat right here on my iPhone.

(read the full review)

Professional, well informed, and empowering! - starstarstarstarstar

by PlayingDoctr

I cant think of anyone who DIDNT need this app...
... is your sex life worth $20? Trust me...

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OK, this is the real thing. - starstarstarstarstar

by Spirit_of_the_Mammoth

I have the feeling I am in the middle of a real COACHING session.
...depth and humor. I laugh my head off...

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2 thumbs up!!! Unvaluable tool for fun & discovery... - starstarstarstarstar

by justdoitnow123go

The results are quite surprising once you are ready to give it a try seriously...
This is all about experiencing little things, in a new way...

(read the full review)

Thanks to our reviewers ;)


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App description
Happy Sex is a 30 day sexuality coaching app. It's like having your very own sex coach in your pocket at all times. The 30 lessons come to you in audio format. They guides you through various topics related to sex, intimacy, communication, and embodiment.

Do one lesson a day (it takes about 5 to 10 minutes) and see real changes to your intimate life; we guarantee it. Filled with exercises and homework, there is no shortage of material in here to give your sex life a vibrant upgrade.

Ask questions and get answers. There is an integrated forum section where you can send in questions. This forum section will grow and grow with both user generated content and additional audio material. This is the app that keeps on giving and expanding.

This app was created from scratch specifically for iPhone users with the basic principle in mind that “everybody is entitled to a happy sex life”. It contains over 3 hours of original material written by Claude La Roche, a certified trainer and coach who has more than 20 years of teaching experience. This is not available anywhere else.

Similar programs on CD sell for more than 100$.


Key features

- First ever sexuality coaching app
- Designed specifically for the iPhone
- All original content, no cut and paste
- Created by professional coaches/therapists
- Over 3 hours of original material and growing...
- with a dynamic forum: you can share and get your questions answered.

- One new lesson a day... for 30 days
- 5 to 10 minutes of daily coaching
- Fun, simple, often touching, and a tad nerdy
- Truly dedicated to building the real skills needed for a Happy Sex life.

- Content available without internet access
- User friendly interface
- Social integration with Facebook and Twitter
- Password protect option (if you don't want your teenager to snoop).

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Sex coaching

Below are the titles of the 30 days.

Day 1
Happy sex is a happy place to be

Day 2
The notion of time and space in the physics of sex

Day 3
Sensual shower

Day 4 Pelvic presence at the grocery store

Day 5
Kissing is everything: the awakening of oral presence

Day 6
Beyond the purple dragon pinch

Day 7
Cool it down or fire it up

Day 8
I'm just a sex machine

Day 9
Imaging your body

Day 10
The yoga of peeing

Day 11
Sex and the vacuum cleaner

Day 12
Strip out of your loops and get your mind naked too

Day 13
It's my turn honey

Day 14
The sounds of pleasure

Day 15
Self pleasure

Day 16
Get a map to enjoy the territory -- even more

Day 17
Unzipping oral sex

Day 18
Getting down on it for the second time

Day 19
Oral sex to completion

Day 20
Happy Clench

Day 21
Sharing stuff: when this happened, I felt that

Day 22
Lessons in celibacy

Day 23
The octopus paradox: reclaiming the individual's archetype

Day 24
Don't call your wife mom: reclaiming the lover's archetype

Day 25
Tango breathing

Day 26
Solitude, tissues, a 24inch monitor and a few gigabytes of porn

Day 27
Sex in space: the final frontier

Day 28
From charming, to hot, to getting wild

Day 29
Slow listening

Day 30
Happy sex is a journey

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For full resolution images, click here.

opening main menu menuconnect menusetting

Loading Screen:
- animated logo
- quick launch of the app


Main Menu:
- access 30 days
- access the dynamic forum

Connect Menu:
- Tell your friends about this app
- Login to Facebook Connect
- Login to Twitter
- Email a question to Maryline
- Send comments to publisher

- Adjust the volume
- Use a password for added privacy
- Credits and acknowledgements

menu 30 days menu day 5 Day 5, bottom part forum

30 days of sex coaching:- One lesson a day- New lesson unlocks after 24 hours- Once installed works without internet


Day 5 (top of screen):
- Title of the day's lesson
- Short description of the lesson

Day 5 (lower part of screen):
- Built-in audio interface
- Post a quote on your FB or Twitter

- Dynamic content
- Grows with questions form users
- Built-in audio interface (answers)
- "NEW" indication for unlistened files
- Once acquired, no need for internet
- More content to be added regularly

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Press room


Sex coaching app hits iTunes, grab it while it's still around

by Christian Zibreg

"If you're in a need for a vibrant upgrade to your sex life, hurry up and download Happy Sex with Maryline before Apple pulls it down."

read the whole article

3:55pm, May 4th 2010, Christian Zibreg


M. Lonnie Lazar from

Let's Get It On: Sex Coaching Comes to the App Store

"...Apple seems prepared to grow beyond the “Whose Boobs” era "

read the whole article

7:14 am, May 4th, 2010, Lonnie Lazar



30 Days to Better Sex? There's an App for That.

read the whole article

by Gregory Han, May 3, 2010 07:30PM

Aplicativo sobre sexo na App Store

read the whole article

by Bianca Hayashi, May 4th 2010

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We are commited to make Happy Sex a Happy experience for you. If you experiences any glitches... we will be happy to help. Our programmers (Bob and Valerie) are pround of their 'state of the art' coding. Contact them at techsupport@happysexnow.com That's the best way to reach them.

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